Dubbel & Jesse Nordsee 48


Location: Almeria, Spain

Le Basset was built in 1972 by Dubbel & Jesse, in Germany, the state of the art for boats in the 70’s and until now. Strong, robust and cable of crossing any ocean, Nordsee is a boat that belonged to your parents’ generation and will outlive you and probably your kids.

She crossed the Atlantic many times in the hands of her first owner and ended up in the north of Spain, still strong and very well taken care of. The owner though, got older and had to let her go.

When she arrived in the Mediterranean sea, after a winter cruising from Galicia, she sunk in the port due to someone’s negligence. Le Basset was re floated in less than 6 hours but the effects of salty water ended up killing her engine.

She is looking for a new owner that has the will to make her great again. Someone who sees the beauty and uniqueness in her.

She has a very strong hull, masts and sails but all electrics and electronics need to be checked and/or re done.

Although she is not making any water now, she sits in dry dock until the right owner appears.